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I can’t pinpoint when it happened, and I certainly can’t tell you why. Elicia must have caught me in a moment of total preoccupation, because no sooner did I answer “yes” to her womanly ramblings than did I find myself saddling up on a staionary bike at the Spynergy studio in Newton.

I will say, it is a really good workout, and I definitely need the exercise. With the way I’ve been going lately, my boobs are probably gettin’ to be bigger than half the chicks in there. I don’t know…I guess I’d go back for another class – the music was pretty good.


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In Science:

Sarcasm Seen as Evolutionary Survival Skill

What great news! I fully embrace any and all evidence that¬†justifies my predisposition towards being a sarcastic ass ūüôā

In Real Estate & Construction:

Ailing Builders Getting Back Into Land Game

Interesting article on the current market’s effect on land value and current activity by construction firms to stockpile land (at low prices) in anticipation of renewed residential construction activity. Builders are slashing prices to clear the glut of inventory left in the wake of the housing bubble, and at the same time, slowly “re-coiling the spring” of new land development by taking advantage of the pass-through effect of low prices on the cost of raw land.¬†

In Sports:

The World’s Greatest Athlete

A panel of sports experts sifts through a mountain of data and pick the fastest, strongest, most agile¬†athlete on Earth. Oh please don’t let it be A-Rod…

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