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I can’t pinpoint when it happened, and I certainly can’t tell you why. Elicia must have caught me in a moment of total preoccupation, because no sooner did I answer “yes” to her womanly ramblings than did I find myself saddling up on a staionary bike at the Spynergy studio in Newton.

I will say, it is a really good workout, and I definitely need the exercise. With the way I’ve been going lately, my boobs are probably gettin’ to be bigger than half the chicks in there. I don’t know…I guess I’d go back for another class – the music was pretty good.


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Dan and I just got home from another great meal at Dunn Gaherin’s, an Irish Pub on Elliot Street, a few minutes from our place. The service is great and the food….even better. They always have an awesome “specials” menu (not to mention our good friend Tim lives right across the street)!

Now that we’re home and my literal hunger is satisfied, I need to also satisfy my proverbial hunger for blog content. I look to Google.

So, I always wondered where the name “Dunn Gaherin’s” came from (and even how to pronounce it). Thanks to Google and the very small Dunn Gaherin’s website I now know that the restaurant/pub opened in June 1991 by Robert DUNN and Seana GAHERIN.

You learn something new everyday!

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