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Here’s how it works: I’ve plotted where each candidate falls along a spectrum of positions/abilities for 5 big-picture concepts that are important in this election. The descriptions for each concept basically represent opposite ends of each spectrum, and there is a gradient in between. They’re positioned along each spectrum based on their stated positions, voting records, and my opinion.

For example, at one end of the socio-economic spectrum are people who support socializing services/industries and distributing wealth/opportunity through government; at the other end are those who would leave the provision of these things entirely to the forces of free market capitalism and open competition (so, someone like Karl Marx would be on the very tip of the left end, whereas someone like Milton Friedman would be on the right end).

Or, take foreign policy – On one end you have those whose acumen for foreign policy essentially amounts to having twice breakfasted at the International House of Pancakes (i.e. totally inept); on the other end are those whose acumen merits the moniker of ‘commander in chief’. You get the idea.

I thought this would be a fun and interesting way to visually characterize their general disposition on key issues.

Personally, the right side of each spectrum is vastly preferable to the left side…so although neither candidate is ideal (gee, what a surprise), this does point to McCain as the preferable one by far. Obviously decide for yourself: on which side of each spectrum do you think our next president ought to reside?


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