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My older brother is a sculptor and one of a number of artists that live and work in The Distillery, a community of artists located in a mid-19th century converted rum distillery in Southie. According the the website, the building has been a center of the arts in Boston for 20 years and houses three galleries as well as 140 tenants.

Every year, The Distillery holds its “Open Studios” event during which artists open their doors to visitors for a couple days. I’ve attended the past few years and it is always a pleasing experience – especially since I get to see what new projects my brother has been working on.

As a life-long Dungeons & Dragons player, Jason’s sculptures are primarily influenced by his experiences with this 30+ year-old “pen and paper” role-playing game. His sculptures take the form of fantastical creatures, critters or monsters and most of them are wonderfully terrifying, but a few are actually quite friendly, such as his “moop” characters. I’m lucky enough to have one of these (a very generous gift from Jason). This photo doesn’t do the moop justice: 

Jason first sculpts each figure out of brown wax and then, when finished (which sometimes takes months and multiple re-iterations), he creates a mold. From this mold, he casts the sculptures in bronze at a foundry. He can explain the process a lot better than I can, but here is a snapshot of Jason’s work-space:

And one of his newer projects (not yet casted, this guy is still a work-in-progress):

Jason has also dabbled in duct-tape. Yes, duct-tape. Years ago, he created a human-sized duct-tape creature that he always puts on display outside his apartment during Open Studios. This year, however, the sculpture was placed in the main Distillery gallery, slightly hidden towards the ceiling, watching over visitors…

 Keep it up with the scary sculptures bro!


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