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Last Wednesday, I’m sitting at my desk at work and all of a sudden a massive storm swept through. The rain flew in sideways and the wind was so strong that some of the temporary partition walls at the construction site next door flew into the street. Observing all of the action from my 4th floor window, I saw five or six workers rush to retrieve the walls from the middle of Clarendon Street. 

That is not even the half of it!

In addition to the construction site next door, there were also construction workers on the side of our building standing on a scaffold 4 or 5 floors up. The scaffold was located on Stuart Street, which, due to its position next to the huge Hancock building, is ALWAYS a bit of a wind tunnel to navigate. The storm intensified this to a terrifying extent. For a number of minutes, these guys held on for dear life as they were whipped back and forth up against the building – even damaging the “YWCA” sign. I know the photo below really stinks, but it links to a video from WBZ that says it all (just click on the image).

I hope these guys get at least a few days off, if not a raise or bonus!

Strong winds lead to scaffolding scare in Boston


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