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I can’t pinpoint when it happened, and I certainly can’t tell you why. Elicia must have caught me in a moment of total preoccupation, because no sooner did I answer “yes” to her womanly ramblings than did I find myself saddling up on a staionary bike at the Spynergy studio in Newton.

I will say, it is a really good workout, and I definitely need the exercise. With the way I’ve been going lately, my boobs are probably gettin’ to be bigger than half the chicks in there. I don’t know…I guess I’d go back for another class – the music was pretty good.


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Wingsuit Base Jumping

These guys are insane! My palms were sweating about 30 seconds into this thing. And how the hell did they manage to get some of this footage??

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They’re 3-2, playing very inconsistent football, and Buffalo seems to be a factor in the division. But after five games it’s time to get off the fence and make your prediction.

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The Patriots season officially kicked off yesterday with our first game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Technically, we won, but we lost our quarterback! It has been a dismal 24 hours and we’re all thinking to ourselves “what will this season bring with no Tom Brady?” At least for now, I can overlook this horrible injustice as I revel in the opening of Patriot Place. Have you heard of it? Apparently I’ve been out of the loop – I just heard about it yesterday.

Patriot Place is a shopping and entertainment mecca built adjacent to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Not all of the stores are open at this point, but my guess is that, if the retailers are smart, everything will be open by Christmas. The complex will feature mall staples like Aeropostale, Bath & Body Works, Claire’s, GNC, Godiva, Hallmark, Pac Sun, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, and more.

But, what I’m most excited about are some of the restaurants and bars, like Davio’s and CBS Scene, and the new “Showcase Live” venue (Joe Bonamassa is playing in the fall – we’d probably be there if we weren’t already seeing him at Austin City Limits in a few weeks). I’m also looking forward to visiting the new Christmas Tree Shop (best store ever!) and the first Bass Pro Shops in New England (a 150,000 square foot outdoor superstore – yeah, that’s 3 1/2 football fields.) Not to mention, I’ve never been to the Patriots Pro Shop and, with all of the new added benefits of Patriot Place, it will make the trip from Newton to Foxboro even more worthwhile.

Click on the image below to check out the interactive map of Patriot Place.

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With the Yankees set to open a new stadium next year, the Red Sox played their last series at Yankee Stadium this week…and they won 2 of 3 🙂 The Yankees look pathetic as the regular season winds down (will likely miss playoffs for first time in 14 years), but the Red Sox seem to be kicking it up a notch at just the right time (won 8 of last 11). Anyway, in honor of the last series – the end of an era – here are a couple fun statistical nuggets from the games this week:

Alex Rodriguez went 0-for-5 with two strikeouts and two double-play ground outs in the Yankees’ loss on Tuesday. It was the first time in A-Rod’s career that he had multiple strikeouts and GDPs in the same game. His total of nine DP ground outs in August already matches the highest total by any player in any month this season, and it’s his highest total in any month of his career. (Update: A-Rod now has 11 double-play ground outs in August – ouch!)

Could it be, with only 14 regular-season games remaining to be played in the current Yankee Stadium, that its final grand-slam homer will belong to Dustin Pedroia, whose eighth-inning blast capped the scoring in Boston’s 11-3 win in the Bronx on Wednesday night? Pedroia’s was the 17th Yankee Stadium grand-slam hit by a Red Sox player (the most by any visiting team), with Ted Williams, who hit three grand-slams in the Bronx, being the only Boston player with more than one. But only once before had a Red Sox second baseman homered with the bases full in the House That Ruth Built; that was Bill Regan, who did it in 1928.

Jon Lester struck out eight batters and did not issue a walk in 6 2/3 innings on Thursday. Since 2000, only one other Red Sox pitcher registered at least eight strikeouts against the Yankees, while not walking a batter: Pedro Martinez, who whiffed 11 without a base on balls in the Bronx on July 7, 2003.

Source – The Elias Sports Bureau

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This is comical. Baseball’s idiot savant strikes again – Dodgers v. Phillies on Monday:

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And you could be jailed for reading it…and we’d all be sharing a cell with George Will and the artists who drew these cartoons.

For only the third time in 72 years (Berlin 1936, Moscow 1980), the games are being hosted by a tyrannical regime, the mind of which was displayed in the opening ceremony featuring thousands of drummers, each face contorted with the same grotesquely frozen grin. It was a tableau of the miniaturization of the individual and the subordination of individuality to the collective. Not since the Nazi’s 1934 Nuremberg rally, which Leni Riefenstahl turned into the film “Triumph of the Will,” has tyranny been so brazenly tarted up as art.” George Will, 8/12/08

P.S. Did you hear about the little girl, Lin Miaoke, who won the world’s heart when she sang “Ode to the Motherland” during the opening ceremony? Well, it was a fraud. Lin was lip-syncing the song because China’s elite Politburo decided that the girl who was actually singing lacked sufficient beauty to be on stage. Instead, they hid the real singer backstage and put a “flawless” prop on stage to lip sync. The Politburo said it was done “for the national interest.” Never mind the interest of the poor little girl who sings beautifully but is too ugly in her country’s eyes to be seen in public. Disgraceful. 

Cartoon Source: Townhall

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