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  1. Your parents return from work and you’re still in your pajamas…
  2. You have to time bathroom breaks with videogame checkpoints…
  3. You scream “Bright light! Bright light!” when someone opens the curtains…
  4. You hug your Wii controller instead of your teddy bear when you go to bed at night…
  5. Your sofa cushion has a permanent depression in the shape of your backside…
  6. Your idea of getting some exercise is doing bicep curls with a bowl of chips…
  7. Your mother drops you off at school and you announce how many points she scored along the route…
  8. Your teacher asks you a question and your response is “sorry, I have no more space on my memory card”…
  9. Your new family photo was taken in your living room so you could finish defeating the Evil Warlord…
  10. You save all your toys to someday sell to trolls, goblins, and seedy merchants…

Thanks to the PR team working with Scott Langteau for this entertaining list of warning signs for the Sofa Boy Syndrome.

Sofa Boy

Scott Langteau is a veteran of the game development industry (Medal of Honor, co-founder of Spark Unlimited) and recently released this children’s book titled, which tells the tale of a videogame obsessed kid. What a great concept for a children’s book – teaching kids to balance their gaming time with other activities – and the illustrations in the book look so cute. There’s been a lot of buzz about the the book over the past few weeks and Amazon.com is actually currently “out of stock”. 

Maybe Scott will come up with a book for videogame obsessed adults next. They’re out there!


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Where's WaldoAre you searching for Waldo? Well, you could try looking at a bar first. A bar? Yes, Waldo is now of legal drinking age and has been celebrating his 21st birthday in recent months. The celebration kicked off in September, but I just found out about it this week, so…Happy Belated Birthday, Waldo!

I was always so fond of the Where’s Waldo series of books as a kid! I could sit for hours gazing at the hilarious illustrations and endlessly searching for Waldo in his striped sweater and his clan of elusive pals, like Wilma and the Wizard.

Entertainment Rights, the company behind Waldo, kicked off a marketing/online campaign for his birthday with the launch of FindWaldo.com and a handful of other initiatives including an online photo contest for fans, a Where’s Waldo Wiki, the launch of Waldo on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, among other social media platforms.

At FindWaldo.com you can even search some of the classic Where’s Waldo scenarios, like the beach, and you can create your own avatar. It is not an exact match (I look a little pale), but here’s mine:

Where's Waldo

Fun stuff!


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Reading Rainbow is a fond childhood memory of mine and…LOTS of other people:

Lovin’ me some LeVar Burton 🙂

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I used to love reading those Choose Your Own Adventure books, and was inspired by two very different stimulus ideas I saw today…here it goes:

Economic drought has stifled the flow of goods and services all across the land. Something must be done to revive it. You – the wise journeyman – have set out find the way to Prosperity, the great land of economic goodness. You’ve journeyed for many moons and many miles, and now, you’ve reached a treacherous, tantalizing fork in the road.
A sign at the fork seems to offer a clue: “Both roads add $800 billion to the deficit, but only one leads to Prosperity. If you want to find the way, remember that for every promise, there is a price to pay.”
Choose your adventure…if you dare…
The Imperial Road
No Promises

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Here are a few links that I’ve come across over the past day or so that I’ve found amusing, informative or interesting and wanted to share 🙂

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In my hunt for Christmas gifts, I came across a number of really out of the ordinary and generally useless products that I think would make horrible gifts. I can’t speak for the rest of the world (some people may actually like this stuff, so no offense to any of these companies), but let it be known…Elicia Buzz asks that for the sake of your loved ones’ overall happiness this Christmas, please refrain from giving any of the following items as gifts:

For a mere $99.95, you can swat away germs to your heart’s content. I wonder if, to save time, you could use this to bathe yourself in the morning instead of a shower? No, actually, I don’t wonder that.
Germ Eliminating Wand

The Hog Wild Self Stirring Mug

This one is a bit cheaper at only $14.95, but why not just grab a spoon? Unless you are buying this for an 8-year old who drinks a lot of chocolate milk…bad gift.

Cow Mug

Location Earth Dog Tags

For $12.99 you can buy your special someone a dog tag etched with the “crucial data an alien will need to get you back to Earth” should you be abducted by aliens.

Alien Dog Tags

The Complete Swiss Army Knife 

Looking for a gift for the multi-tasker in your life? Well, this may be a great idea at first, but with a price of $1,400, you might want to think of something else. 87 precision-engineered tools spanning 112 functions will overwhelm even the most talented handyman.

 Complete Swiss Army Knife

Jerome Russell Spray On Hair Thickener

Do I even need to say anything here? You might as well buy spray paint or tell the recipient to shave their head.

Hair Thickener

Kleen Stride Personal Debris Removal

Unlike the Spray On Hair Thickener, this gift is actually a joke (found it on the Onion’s website). I’m sure there are a handful of folks out there that have thought to themselves “Damn! I totally should have applied for a patent. That was my idea!”

Debris Removal 

Pop Up Hot Dog Grill

For $49.95 your loved one can celebrate the holidays with the best home cooking they could ever ask for.

Hot Dog Grill

Honorable Mention:

Bacon Wallet

Pretty much anything having to do with bacon is awesome. I love bacon as much, if not probably more, than the average person, but a bacon wallet? Bad gift. Apparently this is pretty popular – the website that sells it says it is out of stock.

Bacon Wallet

Good luck with last minute shopping and merry Christmas!

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Is it time for the government to stop printing money to throw in the Money Hole? You decide.

Ha Ha! Ha. Huh. Hmm. I’d be laughing harder if this wasn’t effectively true.

Oh, and to go along with this tongue-in-cheek video on bailouts, how about a tongue-in-cheek sentence of the day on the same subject: “The seepage of government into everywhere is, we are assured, to be temporary and nonpolitical.”  Well, now wouldn’t that be somethin’?

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