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When I think of sidewalk art (which – surprise, surprise – doesn’t happen very often), I think of Dick Van Dyke in the movie Mary Poppins. The cool part about Dick’s drawings were that you could actually jump into them and travel to a fantastical world to be served tea by cartoon penguins.

While Dick’s drawings were magical, they don’t even come close to the scale and awesomeness of Julian Beever’s sidewalk art. This stuff is incredible!

(Thanks for the email, Craig!)

Sidewalk Art









Sidewalk Art









Sidewalk Art









Sidewalk Art


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I can’t pinpoint when it happened, and I certainly can’t tell you why. Elicia must have caught me in a moment of total preoccupation, because no sooner did I answer “yes” to her womanly ramblings than did I find myself saddling up on a staionary bike at the Spynergy studio in Newton.

I will say, it is a really good workout, and I definitely need the exercise. With the way I’ve been going lately, my boobs are probably gettin’ to be bigger than half the chicks in there. I don’t know…I guess I’d go back for another class – the music was pretty good.

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Wingsuit Base Jumping

These guys are insane! My palms were sweating about 30 seconds into this thing. And how the hell did they manage to get some of this footage??

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Hudson River Plane Crash

You’ve probably already heardabout the US Airways plane that took off from Laguardia airport in New York City earlier today and crashed into the Hudson River after colliding with a flock of geese (yes, a flock of geese).

Reuters has a good photo slideshow of the rescue efforts. Less professional looking than the Reuters pix, the above photo was taken by Janis Krums, some guy from Sarasota, FL, who now has close to 2,000 followers on Twitter.com. I guess he was standing on a commuter ferry when he took the photo. Daniel Terdiman of CNET.com blogged about the Twitter application that Janis used to get the photo out on the web, TwitPic, which actually crashed (pun intended) after thousands of people tried to view the photo overloading the site’s servers.

In addition to the photo, check out this video from CNN – an interview with one of the passengers (passenger 22A, to be exact). These reporters are all over him! Also, I think I hear him say “it was cool” at the :49 mark. Seriously?

Thank goodness no people were hurt, but I wonder how many geese casualties there were? Poor guys – probably didn’t even see it coming (although…planes are rather large and loud). Survival of the fittest, I guess.

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A skier at Colorado’s ritzy Vail resort was left dangling upside down and pantsless from a chairlift last Thursday.

The poor guy was stuck for 15 minutes before they backed up the lift so they could dislodge him. It appears that the chairlift’s fold-down seat was somehow not in the lowered position, which caused the man to partially fall through the resulting gap. His right ski got jammed in the ascending chairlift, and that kept him upended since his boot never dislodged from its binding.

Continuing the Seinfeld reference…It’s salacious, outrageous, hilarious, litigious.

More photos taken by fellow skiers (it’s a miracle they could hold their cameras steady while laughing their asses off) and the full report are at The Smoking Gun. Definitely an early favorite for picture of the year.

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Christmas PresentChristmas is only 18 days away! The pressure is on.

For some folks, gift ideas come naturally. I, on the other hand, am more like a (rein)deer caught in an extremely bright and shining Christmas light display when it comes to figuring out what will make a good gift.

If you’re like me and are looking for ideas, take a peek at some of these gift guides. There are, obviously, many more out there, but these might be a good place to start. Who knows, you may just find the perfect gift!

Geeky Gift Guides:

Wired Wish List 2008: The 2008 Wish List from Wired Magazine includes tons of ideas with categories like Desk Jockey, Mr Fix It, Kitchen Ninja, High Roller, and Audiophile.

GamePro Holiday Gift Guide 2008: All the items in this guide aren’t necessarily “geeky,” but more than a few items fall into this category. The guide includes various Gifts for Gamers, Movie Gifts, Gifts for Students, Mom, Dad and Under $20.

Gift Guides for Guys:

Men’s Fitness Magazine 2008 Holiday Gift Guide – Includes Sporting Goods, Gadgets, Fashion, Entertainment, and Grooming categories and even has a “fantasy” gifts section that includes a Guinness Home Pub for $250K. Yeah right!

Maxim Magazine Holiday Gift Guide 2008: A little bit of everything in this guide including Apparel, Travel & Outdoors, Entertaining, Gaming, and Home.

Gift Guides for Kids:

Women’s Health Best Gifts for Kids: The kids section of the Women’s Health Gift Guide has a bunch of cool ideas for kids over age 8 or so.

Parenting Magazine Toys of the Year 2008: The editors of Parenting Magazine picked out 26 of the best toys for kids in their Toys of the Year awards. Some good ideas in this slideshow.

Great Gift Guides for Everyone:

Babble Holiday Gift Guide 2008 – Love this guide – big pictures and easy to navigate. It has mostly gift ideas for kids, but other categories include gifts for Grandparents, Mom & Dad, and Charity.

Etsy Gift Guides: Looking for something really unique and different? Etsy.com is a site where everyday folks can sell their own handmade crafts and clothing. The gift guide page has categories of all kinds and includes some pretty neat stuff.

Gifts.com – Not a guide, per se, but Gifts.com is a great resource for finding gift ideas for any occasion. You can get a little lost in the site, but it provides recs for various holidays and occasions as well as breaks gifts down by age, gender, interests or personalities.

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“When we review the calamities which afflict so many other nations, the present condition of the United States affords much matter of consolation and satisfaction.”
                         George Washington, Thanksgiving Day Proclamation of 1795

I believe this is as true today as it was in 1795. But what would it mean if we couldn’t honestly conclude that this still rings true? It’s a scary thought. It might mean that our country and our lives as we know them would be very different, and we might not be blessed with all of the fortunate opportunities and circumstances that provide us with so many things to be thankful for.

I guess I’m trying to say that I have lots of things to be thankful for – yes, material things like a home, car, and an unstoppable fantasy football team, but more importantly, immaterial things like my family, my health, and my freedom – lots of things that I otherwise might not have if Washington’s statement were no longer true.

And this Thanksgiving I’m especially thankful for the staying power of Washington’s statement because it’s a reassuring thought to consider as we work through some uncertain and tough times.

OK, that’s more than enough “food for thought.” Now let us commence with the “food for belly” part of Thanksgiving!!

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