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The stimulus, if it is going to actually do anything productive, needs to be temporary, targeted, and timely. This bill is none of those things. Instead, it’s a disappointing, unfortunate product of fiercely partisan politics and the epitome of business-as-usual. And I’m sorry – honestly, because I wish it wasn’t true – but you can’t even make the argument that this is “change.”  It’s a massive permanent increase in government discretionary spending (pork) mascarading as economic stimulus. Ninety percent of the alleged stimulus is for special-interests and social programs that, however well intended, will not and cannot create economic growth. This thing is an albatross. (more…)


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Wingsuit Base Jumping

These guys are insane! My palms were sweating about 30 seconds into this thing. And how the hell did they manage to get some of this footage??

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MoneyYou wouldn’t think so, but despite the fact that we’re in the midst of a big economic fart, people are still spending money on lots of things including games. Forbes.com recently compiled a list of the ten things we’re still buying despite our skinny wallets.

It is no surprise to me that video games are on the list. Video games actually saw a 14% increase in sales in 2008 (according to the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research Group). Games are a way for people to escape and have fun, so when you’ve just lost your job or your house, what better way to forget about those things for an hour than playing a game.

So, how else are we spending our meager moolah? Personal care (shaving cream, hairspray, etc.), other technology (smart phones and netbooks), gym memberships, movie tickets, restaurants, car maintenance, toy building sets (huh?) and dress casual shoes (shoes that can be worn at work and on the weekends).

P.S. – I’ve been involved with the New England Games and Interactive Entertainment Special Interest Group (MIT Enterprise Forum) since the fall and our next event is on March 3rd. The panel will actually discuss how the video game industry is being impacted by the economy. I’m looking forward to it.

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Howard Beale (Network, 1976) shows us that sometimes anger – not laughter – is the best medicine. This is a great rant – articulate, cogent, and crazed all at once. It’s also remarkably applicable to now.

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Reading Rainbow is a fond childhood memory of mine and…LOTS of other people:

Lovin’ me some LeVar Burton 🙂

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Hudson River Plane Crash

You’ve probably already heardabout the US Airways plane that took off from Laguardia airport in New York City earlier today and crashed into the Hudson River after colliding with a flock of geese (yes, a flock of geese).

Reuters has a good photo slideshow of the rescue efforts. Less professional looking than the Reuters pix, the above photo was taken by Janis Krums, some guy from Sarasota, FL, who now has close to 2,000 followers on Twitter.com. I guess he was standing on a commuter ferry when he took the photo. Daniel Terdiman of CNET.com blogged about the Twitter application that Janis used to get the photo out on the web, TwitPic, which actually crashed (pun intended) after thousands of people tried to view the photo overloading the site’s servers.

In addition to the photo, check out this video from CNN – an interview with one of the passengers (passenger 22A, to be exact). These reporters are all over him! Also, I think I hear him say “it was cool” at the :49 mark. Seriously?

Thank goodness no people were hurt, but I wonder how many geese casualties there were? Poor guys – probably didn’t even see it coming (although…planes are rather large and loud). Survival of the fittest, I guess.

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I used to love reading those Choose Your Own Adventure books, and was inspired by two very different stimulus ideas I saw today…here it goes:

Economic drought has stifled the flow of goods and services all across the land. Something must be done to revive it. You – the wise journeyman – have set out find the way to Prosperity, the great land of economic goodness. You’ve journeyed for many moons and many miles, and now, you’ve reached a treacherous, tantalizing fork in the road.
A sign at the fork seems to offer a clue: “Both roads add $800 billion to the deficit, but only one leads to Prosperity. If you want to find the way, remember that for every promise, there is a price to pay.”
Choose your adventure…if you dare…
The Imperial Road
No Promises

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