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Every once and awhile you’ll stumble across a brilliant video on YouTube. Sometimes an ambitious director devised some wonderful visual concept and then carried it out in an elaborate production. Other times some shocking or hilarious person or event was captured on video by chance. 

The winners of the YouTube.com 2007 video awards are a mixture of both produced and spontaneous videos. A few of my favorites include:

For the Harry Potter Fans (“Comedy” category winner)…

You can’t go wrong with a hysterically laughing baby (“Adorable” category winner)…

Lions, buffalo, and crocodiles – oh my! (“Eyewitness” category winner)…

For those familiar with massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), you’ll like “The Guild” series (“Series” category winner)…


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When those of us living in and around Boston get hungry we almost always go east, and with good reason. There are countless great restaurants/food-stands in the city.

But if you go west, you can find some truly unique places where you can get a sort of country-comfort food that you simply won’t find in Boston.

So, for those Bostonians who never bother to venture west of Rt. 128 for food, I have four particularly special, delicious recommendations that are more than worth the drive.

1. Framingham Bakery Company (840 Waverly St, Framingham)


They make an unbelievable bakery-style pizza that is unlike any style of pizza I’ve ever had anywhere else. Resist the urge to heat it up – it’s meant to be eaten at room temperature or cold – trust me! Go buy a sheet of pizza, stick it in your fridge and feast throughout the week.

2. Out Post Farm (30 Prentice St., Holliston)


This is a classic New England farm that has been around for decades. They have all sorts of great food, but I’m going to recommend you stock up on some Frozen Turkey Pies. It’s just fresh turkey meat, gravy, and scrumptious, flakey crust. Everyone in your apartment building is going to gravitate towards your door when they smell it bubbling away in the oven.

3. Ma Glockner’s (151 Maple St, Bellingham)


Berched Chicken with Homemade Cinnamon Buns – words cannot describe…

4. Hot Dog Annie’s (244 Paxton St, Leicester)


I’m not some crazy hot dog person. I couldn’t care less about Coney Island, Nathan’s, or whatever. The BBQ hot dogs at Hot Dog Annie’s transcend all forms of tubed meat. This place is the furthest drive of my four recommendations, but it’s worth every $3 gallon of gas – seriously. If anyone out there knows what I’m talking about, back me up on this.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Click on the image for a good chuckle…


Thanks JibJab.

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Ah, the 90’s – plaid shirts and grunge bands aplenty.  Jason Lazarus, a photographer and teacher from Chicago, took a very buzz-worthy portrait of Spencer Elden – a High School senior from CA who is now much bigger than when he was photographed for the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind album. Check out the photo:


Jason Lazurus also has a collection of submitted Nirvana-related photos posted on his website all of the which answer the question “Do you remember who introduced you to Nirvana?”

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On their way to their next assignment, the U.S. F-16 Air Force Thunderbirds opted to fly over Kennedy Space Center and tip a salute to the space shuttle Endeavour.

Endeavor is slated to launch March 11 for the longest construction mission ever to help complete the International Space Station. So cool.

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A popular toy is under attack. The victim – the FlyTech Dragonfly (a remote controlled flying insect made by WowWee). The perpetrator – hawks (you know…non-robotic flying birds of prey).


I found this story to be pretty unbelievable and actually WowWee happens to be a client of 360PR, where I work. One Long Island newspaper recently published an article about a fifth-grader named Danny McGorry whose dragonfly play session was cut short by the talons of a hawk when it snatched the toy right out of the air. WowWee’s customer service department has received 45 different calls over the past 2 months about hawks and other birds of prey swooping down and snatching the FlyTech Dragonfly out of the air. The story has received tons of buzz online including on popular blogs such as SlipperyBrick, CrunchGear, Engadget, and Gizmodo.

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Corporate-sponsored contests are all over YouTube! The formula is simple – company pays YouTube lots of money to secure a prime spot for their company on YouTube, thousands of aspiring online video stars submit videos with content meeting the contest criteria, prizes (often big prizes) are awarded to the best video/s.

A new contest called “Sketchies 2” is sponsored by Toyota to promote the new Corolla. The grand prize is $25K and $15K in video equipment – pretty sweet! My brother Eric and his Brooklyn roomie threw together a great video. Check it out below. Good luck Eric!

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